Standard Punks New Default (2048 × 1365 px)

Published on: October 3rd, 2022

Our first 5,000 Standard Punk NFT’s are ready to be uploaded onto XMART (and the IPFS) including all metadata, as soon as XLS-20 is approved and safely implemented on the XRPL.

Once the XLS-20 amendment is passed, we will have 2,500 male Standard Punk NFT’s and 2,500 female Standard Punk NFT’s.

We will separate our male & female NFT’s into two separate collections / categories to provide people with greater control over choosing their preferred style of Standard Punk.

Sample selection of male Standard Punk NFT’s
Sample selection of female Standard Punk NFT’s

After our second airdrop of XSP takes place on October 15th, 2022 – we estimate that there will be approximately 4,270 XSP tokens in circulation.

We also believe that a significant number of XSP holders will choose to retain XSP tokens for future use cases, in addition to exchanging some of their XSP tokens for Standard Punk NFT’s.

In short, this means our team will have NFT’s available for every XSP holder who wants to exchange 1 XSP token for 1 unique Standard Punk NFT on XMART.

We are expected to have slightly more NFT’s available than XSP tokens in circulation.

Standard Punks is a collection of 10,000 unique NFT’s right?


Our first 5,000 NFT’s are now complete.

But our remaining 5,000 NFT’s are scheduled to be finished by November 2022 at the latest.

Here’s the backstory…

We had to rush our first 5,000 NFT’s into production, mainly because we launched the Standard Punks project just a matter of days before it was announced that XLS-20 would be voted on and likely implemented.

As you can imagine, we rushed into action as soon as we heard XLS-20 was about to begin.

But then, news spread that a possible exploit was discovered in XLS-20.

Once the possible exploit was discovered, the XLS-20 vote was postponed until further notice.

Long story short – we aren’t going to rush our remaining 5,000 Standard Punk NFT’s into production.

We aim to make our remaining 5,000 NFT’s the best Standard Punk NFT’s yet!

As a side note, our remaining 5,000 Standard Punk NFT’s will likely be 100% male only because we’ve probably already designed more than enough female Standard Punk NFT’s to satisfy demand.

If we’re wrong about this, we will gladly change course and design more female Standard Punk NFT’s.

We will be paying close attention to which Standard Punk designs are most popular with our incredible community.

By the time our 10,000 NFT collection is complete, the gender dynamics are expected to be 75% male and 25% female.

Each Standard Punk NFT will be 100% unique and awesome.

Standard Punk NFT’s will carry a range of unique attributes that come with various levels of rarity.

More information about individual Standard Punk attributes and rarity details will be made available at the time of XLS-20.

Of course, information pertaining to individual NFT attributes and rarity details will be made available on the individual listing pages for each Standard Punk NFT on XMART.

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