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Last updated: October 10th, 2022

This page contains a list of community resources that you may find valuable for getting involved with Standard Punks ecosystem.

Live Coin Watch

Live Coin Watch Standard Punks XSP

Live Coin Watch is useful for tracking the current market price of Standard Punks (XSP) as well as many other essential data points.

You can see Standard Punks (XSP) on Live Coin Watch here.


Sologenic XSP XRP Trading Pair

Sologenic provides a professional trading interface on top of the XRPL’s native DEX.

Thousands of traders use Sologenic to trade XRPL tokens every day.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced trader, Sologenic provides many features that are difficult to find in other User Interfaces for trading on the XRPL DEX.

You can find Standard Punks (XSP) actively trading on Sologenic here.


XDEX Standard Punks XSP Token

XDEX is a clean and simple interface for viewing the current market dynamics of your favorite XRPL tokens.

XDEX provides a great general overview of the total buy orders vs. sell orders for any XRPL token.

You can see the page for Standard Punks (XSP) on XDEX here.

XP Market

XP Market is an excellent tool for tracking token distribution, circulating supply, rich lists, individual wallet balances and more.

In short, XPMarket streamlines the process of conducting proper due diligence, deep research and analysis.

You can check out the page for Standard Punks (XSP) on XP Market here.

While on this same subject – the Standard Punks (XSP) page on XP Market is an excellent resource for monitoring:

  • Our very own token distribution progress for XSP
  • The Standard Punks internal (team) wallets
  • The complete Standard Punks rich list
  • Individual wallet balances

More specific information pertaining to our token distribution timeframe, our complete list of team wallets, and our team’s vesting schedule will all be made public here on shortly.

Not only do we believe in transparency, but we will prove it.

XRPL Services

XRPL Services XSP Standard Punks Trustline Information

XRPL Services (Tokens Page) is needed to add the Standard Punks (XSP) trustline, or any other XRPL trustline for that matter.

You can also use XRPL Services to see the current number of trustlines, DEX offers, and holders that a particular XRPL token has.

You can find Standard Punks (XSP) on XRPL Services here.

XRP Tool Kit

XRP Tool Kit is a simple yet advanced User Interface for trading on the XRPL DEX.

XRP Tool Kit is our first choice for quickly adding a trustline or making a simple transaction using a hardware wallet.

There are many other things you can accomplish with XRP Tool Kit. But there are some limitations, as the team behind XRP Tool Kit is developing a more interactive cryptocurrency wallet known as Bifrost.


XUMM Wallet

XUMM is the most recommended cryptocurrency wallet for trading XSP, XRP and other XRPL tokens.

The development team behind XUMM go to great lengths to help you keep your precious digital assets as safe as possible.

Here on, we have published a complete guide that walks you through the easy process of buying XSP with XUMM.