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Last updated: September 30th, 2022

This page is a working timeline of all current and planned events happening around the standard punks ecosystem.

Going forward, this page will be the best place to gain a complete understanding of all major events and happenings planned for standard punks.

(FINISHED) Event #1. Snapshot of All XRP Accounts with XSP Trustlines Scheduled On September 22, 2022 @ 6PM GMT+1.

If you hold any amount of XRP, and you have properly added the Standard Punks trustline (currency code: XSP) on or before September 22nd, 2022 @ 6PM London time (GMT+1) you will be included in the snapshot that qualifies you to receive a free airdrop of XSP.

Your free XSP airdrop will be distributed to you in accordance with your total XRP holdings (recorded at the time of the snapshot).

(FINISHED) Event #2. The XSP Airdrop for XRP Holders Takes Place During The Final Week of September 2022

The actual XSP airdrop (1,600 XSP tokens in total) will be distributed to all XRP holders with active XSP trustlines included in the snapshot from September 22, 2022.

The XSP tokens will be distributed in a single, large airdrop campaign no later than 3 to 5 days after September 22.

The first XSP airdrop may be distributed as early as September 25th.

This is preferred, but depends on how quickly our team can confirm with 100% certainty that all of the snapshot data is accurate, and ready to proceed with the actual airdrop.

At the absolute latest, the first XSP airdrop will be concluded by the end of September.

(FINISHED) Event #3. The First 5,000 Unique Standard Punk NFTs Will Be Available By The Final Week of September 2022

The first 5,000 unique Standard Punk NFTs will be available by September 30th, 2022 at the latest.

Pending the implementation of XLS20 on the XRPL, you will be able to swap 1 XSP token for 1 unique Standard Punk NFT.

This means all holders of at least 1 XSP will have the opportunity to receive a unique Standard Punks NFT.

We will make a public announcement on our Twitter page (and this page) as soon as Standard Punk NFTs are available for minting, trading and more.

(UPCOMING) Event #4. Our Snapshot For XSP Holders Begins October 15th, 2022 @ 6PM London Time

A snapshot of all accounts holding XSP tokens will be taken on Saturday October 15th, 2022 @ 6PM London time.

(UPCOMING) Event #5. Our XSP Airdrop For XSP Holders Begins October 15th, 2022 @ 6PM London Time

A 2,500 XSP token airdrop will be distributed to XSP token holders that were included in the snapshot.

This airdrop for XSP holders is scheduled for October 15th, 2022 @ 6PM London time (directly after the snapshot).

2,500 XSP tokens (25% of token supply) will be distributed in a single, large airdrop campaign.

These tokens will be distributed in accordance with individual XSP holdings.

The airdrop ratio is guaranteed to be 1:1 or greater.

You can read more details about XSP Airdrop #2 here.

(UPCOMING) Event #6. Our Second Set of 5,000 Unique Standard Punk NFTs Will Be Available By November 2022 (Completion of 10,000 Standard Punk NFT Collection)

Our artists are commissioned to complete the second set of 5,000 unique Standard Punk NFTs by November 2022 (estimated).

With the production of these remaining 5,000 Standard Punk NFTs, our 10,000 Standard Punk NFT collection will be complete.

After completing our initial NFT collection, our team will begin to add further utility to the Standard Punks ecosystem and (XSP) token.

Event #7. Our 4,000 XSP Reward Program Begins (Exact Date TBA)

The largest allocation of XSP tokens involves 4,000 XSP tokens or 40% of the entire XSP token supply.

This amount has been reserved for a community rewards pool.

We are actively evaluating the best method of distributing these 4,000 XSP tokens to our valued community members.

For example, we are currently evaluating various protocols on the XRPL that would allow one to hold XSP and receive a regular, recurring distribution of XSP in the form of a loyalty reward.

We may partner with a trusted platform to roll out this feature, or utilize our own rewards program that automatically airdrops additional XSP to XSP holders.

In any case, our goal for distributing the community rewards pool is to provide XSP holders with tremendous rewards, while also distributing the largest allocation of XSP token supply, and decentralizing the standard punks ecosystem.

By this point, anyone holding an XSP token will have various options available to them.

For example, XSP token holders will have the opportunity to:

~ Swap their XSP token for a unique Standard Punk NFT

~ Hold XSP for additional project developments, snapshots and airdrops that will require holding XSP

~ Trade XSP against XRP, and vise-versa

As always, Standard Punks is a long-term vision that will continue to evolve and develop over time, with the goal of bringing XSP holders the best NFT artwork, loyalty rewards, technology, community and overall opportunity on the XRP Ledger.

Yes, we said this was a complete working timeline of all standard punks events.

But in reality, there’s so much happening in the year 2022 alone.

We have 7 major events scheduled over the next 4 months.

The truth is that our plans extend far past the year 2022.

Our plans extend into 2025 – 2030 and beyond.

Standard punks is here to experience lasting, long-term growth.

So this page will eventually be updated with our long-term, multi-year plans representing a more traditional roadmap towards the end of 2022.